Laurie O’Leary on Ronnie Kray

“When Ronnie died, it was the end of an era.  Like him or not, nobody ever ignored Ron Kray.  He was a marvellous friend, but a very dangerous enemy”

Ronnie Kray was one half of London’s notorious gangster duo, he and his brother Reg ruled the East End in the 1950’s, and the twins crimes and vendettas, showdowns and rivalries have become the stuff of legend.

Laurie a natural raconteur and childhood friend, recalls the stories of his wild times of their relationship.

With access to thousands of letters from the twins, poems from Ronnie and most of all previously unseen photographs some taken by Laurie, Reg and Ron.

Laurie reveals the private, intimate and until now, relatively unknown side of this complex character.

An interesting foreword by friend and ‘EastEnders’  Star Miss Barbara Windsor

Reggie Kray – The Final Word with some comments from Laurie